The Unconquerable Soul

Though one should conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, he who conquers his own self, is the greatest of all conquerors! ~ Gautama Buddha

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thee Questions Part II

Antney asked...

1) Have You Ever Cried to A Love Song?

Of course, I've cried to a love song. When I'm happy and sad about love I listen to music. For instance toward the end of my last break-up, I was really feeling Fantasia "Free Yourself." Some songs truly resemble some emotions I have at given times.

2) What are your three "WORST" qualities?

1. At times, I over extend myself. I'm involved with many different organizations and sometimes I just can't say no.
2. I'm very optimitic. So, I fall "in like" with people i'm interested in quickly. I'm much better now, but it can get better.
3. In certain settings, I'm afraid of being devils advocate.

3) Aside from your blog...which other blog could you not live without
Currently, Virginia Slim is really doing it for me! I love his blog and check it every day. He really seems to have it together and I love when young black folks got it together. You go boy!

lady in satin asked...

1) What is your favorite body part on YOUR body and why?

My favorite part of my body is my face. Because I love my smile! My dimples are the bomb! lmao

2) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

Well, I don't like to label myself. At times, I may think i'm one or the other. Am I confused about my sexuality? Not at all. Been there, done that. I'm just open to anyone who can make me happy.

3) What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to be apart of the Presidential Cabinet. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a job that I wanted since high school.

mytruth asked...

1) What's your passion?

My passion is to empower my people. We have unlimited amount of potential yet the vast majority of us can't get our shyt together. When I see a Black person, I see beauty, strength and talent. And because my people don't see themselves as that, it's my job to attempt to empower them.

2)Who's your favorite blogger? (you can't say no4real...he is too close to home.)

Well, my favorite blogs change from time to time. Right now, my favorite blogger is Emotional Brotha. I love this man! His post are so honest and there are often times we are feeling the same emotions at the same time. He is truly my Kindred brotha from another mother. And let's hope he remains consistent with his post. (EMOBRO NO MORE HIATUS)

3) When are you going to put a picture up?

I'll never put a picture up here. Can you imagine pulling up this blog during my confirmation hearing. Neva that! Cause as time goes on, i'm sure my views will change.

Y'all had some good questions! Stay tune for the next part....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thee Questions Part I

Luvin Me
1) What is something that you have done that you regret?

I regret very few things. But, there is one thing in particular that I truly regret. I regret the years, I spent holding grudges and blaming things on people who were in my life. For instance, I blamed my father who never was really a father figure for the emptiness I've felt growing up. It took nearly 24 years to learn the power of forgiveness and I wish I could have learned that lesson earlier.

2) Name one thing about yourself that very few people know.

Ok, now this one is TMI. But, I love to read while I'm in the bathroom. For some reason, I read much faster. I use to do my homework in the bathroom during my high school years. (SHUT UP - LMAO)

3) What do you hope to be doing within the next 5 years?

In five years, I'll be 30 years old. I intend on having a huge party and that would also be the year where I'll seek adoption whether I'm found my soul mate or not. By then, I hope that I can own a piece of property, my small business I launched last year will become much more profitable. In addition, I also hope that I can launch several more means of financial security, find my soul mate and work full time for a National Non-Profit. I can go on and on.. but you know what, I'm already on my journey to accomplish the list above within the next five years.

1) Can you name one man finer than Reggie Bush?

Jason George from EVE... enough said.

2) What's the longest you've DDR'ed and what songs are you addicted to?

I've played DDR'ed for four hours.. and let me tell you I was swearing hard. I love "Get Busy."

3) Does #2 count as 2 questions? LOL

Yeah, it does! hehehe

1) If you could have any job, what would it be?

After careful though, I would want to become the President of the United States. Not right now, but I wouldn't mine becoming the first Black President. I think my heart is in the right place and if i could get elected with minimal compromising I think I can push forward with a progressive agenda. Don't y'all think? LOL

2) Where are you going on your next vacation?

A couple of my friends and I are going to Las Vegas at the end of February. It's my second time traveling to vegas so I know what to expect. I'm excited because I'm not going to any parties within the next couple of weeks and this will be a much needed vacation.

3) If you could turn back time and redo something, what would it be?

There isn't anything that I would redo. At this moment, I'm on a path of Victory and if I did something over I may not be The Unconquerable Soul.

Stay tune for the next three question.... y'all can add some if you want.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Support Brother Foxx even if the rumors aren't true

NBC is not doing any marketing & publicity on Jamie's Music Special on NBC because he stood his ground and wouldn't have any white guest as they requested. To make it even worse he had two controversial guest stars, that do not fit the "NBC profile" on his show. Tune in to find out who they are. They are purposely putting his show up against the second week of American Idol in hopes that it will fail. This will give them the excuse to never give another black person a music special because "it doesn't work". Let's show them that it does work, and that we support each other. Tivo Idol, and watch Jamie. I saw the taping, it is a good show.

J Foxx making history on NBC. This is the first time NBC has ever aired an entire young urban African American cast on a music special. We need to show support. This was not an easy sell for Jamie and he stood his ground to make it happen the way he saw fit.

JAMIE FOXX MUSIC SPECIAL WILL BROADCAST WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH @ 8:00PM PST on NBC. PLEASE MAKE IT A POINT WATCH! There will be surprise special guests... i have a couple of events going on.. but i'm leaving my tv on... LOL you can TOO!

don't forget i'm still accepting questions!

well the rumors are false.. but i still say lets support a brotha

Friday, January 20, 2006


I know I have been slipping the past couple of weeks with my posting. The Endeavor is very time-consuming and stressful. I'm starting to get organize because I have a lot of other. Reg post reminded me of my former blog, around this time last year I gave my readers the opporunity to ask me questions. Here we go again!

I have decided to go along with some of my comrades and open the floor up for questions you may want to ask me. Within reason, I will answer all of them.

And like former blogger brotha-free stated, "if I only get like 2 responses I will erase this pose with the quickness and act like it neva happend..."

Give me a few days to answer the questions.

So, three questions. Drill me! Go ahead, ask me!

Monday, January 16, 2006

When I think of Dr. King.

I think of GREATNESS. I think of a man with great influential power. I think of a man who had a vision for his people and died attempting to make that vision into reality. Most of all, I think of his courage and determination, which I greatly admire.

Black Folks.

We can be VERY DIFFICULT! I know in my experience with working with many people of diverse backgrounds, it's another experience when only dealing with my brothers and sisters. Our people as a whole aren't visionary. We can't forecast empowerment. For a man to lead a movement nationwide is inspiring.

Recently, while pursuing the Endeavor, I began to think about King's spirit. That influence. That courage. That determination. I started to attached them into the what I do. And you know what, part King's spirit is embedded in mine. That brother Kept on Pushin.. and right now, that's what I'm trying to do.

I attended eight events over the past four days to commemorate Dr. King and his Dream. While still in the process of the Endeavor, three of these events was organized by yours truly. The audience at each event spoke of King's Dream and solution we need to do to empower ourselves. Unfortunately, I received an overwhelming amount of lip service. Our community leaders have an amazing ability to make us say "preach on" and "Amen." To many of us are talking the talk and not walking the walk. What bothers me most is the fact that there are people walking the walk for us and we continue to hate on them and not give them the support to make a bigger impact. Imagine if Dr. King had the influence of the many ministers that preached against him.

Dr. King was human. He was touchable. Dr. King was not the movement, but a leader in the civil right movement. He had an support network that moved forward. Folks like Ralph Abernathy, Bayard Rustin and Jesse Jackson. I hope that one day I can build the same network to bring forth positive change for our people.

When I think of King... I think of myself!

Friday, January 13, 2006

I am in Love...

This is my friend friend in my head.

I swear to goodness, I love Reggie Bush!

He won this seasons Heisman Trophy

Y'all can't tell me that brother ain't fine!

Friday, January 06, 2006


Has anyone played Dance Dance Revolution on PS2? On New Years Day, my friends and I played for over four hours straight. We had my home girl apartment smelling like a gym, LOL! I swear that game is HAWT.

On Wednesday, I purchased my own DDR game and pad(i received ps2 for christmas in 2004, i only played it once). Over the last two days, I must have played over six hour worth of dance moves. It's a great workout, plus it gets my mind off of the Endeavor.

Anyhow, I don't really have much to blog about... the Endeavor is speeding ahead.

Another thingy Stolen.. this time from fellow blogger,

3 things I don't understand:
Apathy, the unconscious, and how people can free style rap (that shyt is amazing).

3 things I'm doing right now:
Pursuing the Big Endeavor, on my grind with networking with some very influential people, and trying to figure the places I would like to visit in 06.

3 things I wanna do before I die:

Get married, father a couple of children and establish a couple of social-economic programs that empower those who are living in poverty.

3 things I can do:

I can organized, play spades and cry. LOL!

3 things that best describe my personality:
Compassionate, optimistic, ambitious.

3 things I can't do:
Win the lottery (I really need to), speak in another lanuage, do a back flip.

3 things you should listen 2:

God, your heart, your Grandmother.

3 things you shouldn't listen to:
Those who discourage you from pursuing your goals, Liars and Politicians

3 things I say:
Oh my goodness, I hate you (which means I love you),

3 fav foods:

Sweet potatoes pie, mac-n-cheese, fried chicken (y’all know my family from the south, LOL)

3 things I would like to learn:
I really want to learn Spanish, how to be more influential and consistently happy.

3 beverages I drink regularly:
Water, Hot Green Tea and Apple Juice

3 shows I watched as a kid:
Thunder Cat. Cosby Show. Different Strokes.

3 things I wish people would learn:
To trust, show compassion and know how to give me all of their money.

3 kinds of people that irritate me:
Conceited, noisy and liars. (I am noisy, but I do that on the dl! LOL)

3 kinds of people that irritate me MORE:
Black people who don’t VOTE, Black people who don’t give back at all, ANYONE WHO IS COMPLACENT.

Monday, January 02, 2006

It's a New Year!

It's a new day
Open my eyes and my path is clearer
It's a new day
Pushing ahead till my goal gets nearer

It's a new day
Spread my wings
I'm doin' things my way
{It's a new day}
Sung by Patti Labelle

My grandmama taught me the church sayin’, “When the praises goes up, the blessings comes down.” And this year I’m going to praise him like I’ve never done before. This will be a year of REJOICE.

2005 was a year of tremendous growth for me, build on hardcore foundation for what lies ahead. I have many aspirations for 2006. Unlike past years I am expecting tons of adversity to match it. When I’m doing things my way, something or someone is going to attempt to discourage me from pursing my goals. But, I’m going to KEEP ON PUSHIN till my goal gets near.

Right now, I feel like Celie after she tells Mister she is leaving with Shug. That knife is in my hand and I’m ready to use it because I’ve done been through the storm and I realized that it wasn’t my fault. Like Celie, I know there is something better out there for me. It doesn’t matter because I’m this or I’m that. I’m HERE! And I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to bring in another year.

As the song by Israel and New Breed says, “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, again I say Rejoice.” It’s another year to celebrate, grow, love, learn and teach. This year also marks my 25th year on this earth!

So, if you see me and I’m glowing... It’s not because I’m pregnant, LOLOL! It’s because I know something we all should know and that’s GOD IS GOOD ALL OF THE TIME and ALL OF THE TIME… you know the rest.

Peace and Prosperity in 2006!


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