The Unconquerable Soul

Though one should conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, he who conquers his own self, is the greatest of all conquerors! ~ Gautama Buddha

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crabs in a barrel

I've heard many times throughout my life community elders complaining about why do we (black folks) act like "crabs in a barrel." I never paid attention to it until recently. Well, like I blog before, I talk about some positive things happening in my life that were clearly met with some adversity.

The first three months of the year, I felt that people were attacking me, The Unconquerable Soul. After much prayer and talking it out with some close friends, I've come to a conclusion. Folks aren't attacking me, they are attacking what I representing. I represent a young generation that is determine to succeed more than my ancestors. Shouldn't we all think this way? I pray that the generation that comes after me will surpass my achievements by far. And instead of me creating road blocks, I will get on my hands and knees and allow the younger generation to climb on top of my back. Because if they don't, they may suffer greater loss as a people. Whatever happen to lifting as we climb.

These vitious attacks are most dishearting because majority of these attackers look like me. BLACK FOLKS. Some even my recently former mentors.

As a young socially and politically conscious black man I can no longer hold back my talents, ambitious and compassion on the account of threatening someones "status." It's not like I'm Barack running for president, Tyra attempting to surpass Oprah, or even Kanye or TI building a long lasting music media empire. I'm just someone who has been blessed to be in a position of influence attempting to get something positive done in my community.

Last week, I reached a new point when one of those recently former mentors, sent out an e-mail attacking me without saying my name. I read the e-mail and kept it moving. I told my confidents I didn't want to hear about anything that anyone had to say about me because clearly people are worried about me the person and not what I'm aiming to do for others. The work to be done is more important than me.

It's sad. I will be honest. I am very opinionate. A lot of shyt I keep to my damn self and if you are close to me you get to hear some of it. The shyt i'm most opinionate about is shyt I know a lot about and can back my shyt up. But, I'm finding more and more people having that damn barber shop chat and don't know the facts nor the in-your-face meaning on what's going on in our society.

This happens in all areas... if you are working in party promoter --- people are hating... if you a manager at a retail store --- people are hating... if you bought that new car that you love --- people are hating --- if you getting your doctorate --- people are hating. THERE ARE HATERS EVERYWHERE FOR EVERY DAMN THINGS LIKE A 99cents STORE!!!

To my brothers and sisters reading this: I love you! Do The Damn Thing! And I'm praying that your are bless more than you can ever imagine. But, most importantly, I am praying that you have the strength to combat the forces that will be against you.

That's all.

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