The Unconquerable Soul

Though one should conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, he who conquers his own self, is the greatest of all conquerors! ~ Gautama Buddha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

new stuff about me.. hehehe

Well, since my Nov. 7th post, I started going to a new church. I heard about the preacher from a couple of associates and wanted to check it out. The first sermon I heard him preach, he touched on HIV/AIDS, environmentalism, race, poverty and homophobia. (yes, homophobia!) I've never attended a local church that preached against homophobia. Anyhow, over the last couple of weeks, I felt like this was the place to be as I rediscover myself. Today, the pastor hit on some topics about life and God that touched my soul and when it was time for the invitation to discipleship a brotha walked down the aisle like he was matthew, paul or mark. lol. yes, I joined the church! A church that welcomes ALL of ME.

I wanted to write this long post about 2007 to recapture many of the ups and downs and decided I rather take myself out to dinner and think about it on New Years Eve. So yeah, that's what I did.

On New Years Day, I told my two best friends about what's really good with me. Plainly, I told them about my sexuality. I was very nervous about telling the male because I was unsure how he would react. Overall, it was a great experience. My peeps were not completely surprise (which i already knew) they welcomed me with open arms. I nearly cried when the male BFF embraced me like never before. I left feeling empowered and ready to tell everyone and their momma. LOL! Since New Years, I have this strange confidence in myself. My boss is the next person to confirm... i may tell y'all about that.

anyhow, I'm inspired to continue the work that has been put before me. it a rough and rocky road and sometimes lonely but I'm getting through it more smoothly. When my brother Barack said "Yes, we can," it makes me believe that tomorrow will be a better day because "we will."

oh yeah. guess what? i lost 6lbs since Jan 1st. Go me. lol
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